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Medical Transport Service Ltd.

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The Facts About LIFELINE

LIFELINE Medical Transport Service were originally established in 1997, by Malcolm and Patricia Peverley, to provide the Renal and Cardio Transplant Units at the Freeman Hospital, in Newcastle upon Tyne, with a dedicated medical transport that was developed especially for their specific needs. Transporting medical teams, tissue typing, patients, and transplant tissue throughout the UK and Europe. Mainly using vehicles designed and purchased for their reliability and suitability for the task in hand. But also using their contacts through BACA, to charter light aircraft. By utilising their membership of the BAA, IAA and BACA, LIFELINE were able to call upon resources throughout the UK and Europe. Being on call a true 24 hours, and 7 days per week, their services were appreciated by staff and patients alike.

 Very soon their reputation for reliability spread throughout Newcastle City Hospitals Foundation Trust, and the Paediatric Intensive Team contracted them to support their Emergency Response Teams. Now being transported by LIFELINE they became the second fastest response team in the UK. They were pushed into second place by Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, in London. Their fast response was accredited to the HEMS helicopter being positioned on the roof of the hospital.

 Also in 1997, LIFELINE started transporting urgent blood issues, and clinical specimens for Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. Quickly proving their reliability in transporting Pathological Specimens under UN3373 regulations, LIFELINE’s reputation spread.

 LIFELINE then won a contract for Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge to undertake their specimen transport from GP surgeries to their Path Labs. Understanding the urgency of their requirement LIFELINE soon became their preferred medical courier service, regularly transporting specimens to major hospital in the UK and Europe.

 Sunderland City Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, contracted LIFELINE to be their main transport provider for their Renal Dialysis Department, and their linked Dialysis Satellite Units, in Durham City Hospital and the Galleries in Washington.

 North Tyneside Council and Newcastle City Council’s Social Services Departments requested that LIFELINE undertook a 6 month pilot scheme to transport sectioned patients, under the Mental Health Act to various places of treatment. As LIFELINE personnel already had accreditation in protection of vulnerable children and adults, all they required was restraint and control certification.

 LIFELINE then became the main transport provider for Newcastle City Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and St Nicolas Mental Health Hospital, providing a specialist, flexible and reliable transport service. Moving specimens, controlled drugs, beds, specialist chairs, records, and everything else that a hospital would require. Linking in to this contract, the daily transportation of records, water and fuel to the Breast Screening Satellite Units from the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle upon Tyne. This included providing a specially designed vehicle to refuel the these Units.

 The motto of ‘Per Diem : Per Noctem’, was adopted in 1999, after a lead surgeon of the Freeman Hospital who said ‘that we were like him, on call By Day and By Night’. LIFELINE are proud to adopt the Latin phrase, and add One Call Does It All.

 While there are many other facts that we would like to share with you, please select an area that you are interested in from the menu above. Once again thank you for visiting out website, enjoy your stay.