Office Cleaning Services

At LMTS Facilities Management, we recognise that the presentation and standard of cleanliness of your premises plays a significant impact on the perception of your business. Our highly skilled cleaning team have the experience and specialised equipment required to deliver an outstanding commercial office clean.

We are fully equipped to service all of your office cleaning needs. Studies have shown that working in a clean environment motivates employees to work harder; we believe this is why commercial office cleaning should be one of your priorities - it has a direct effect on team morale.


We will always strive to adapt to your schedule and can work during or outside of office hours; we always strive to be flexible to our clients needs. If the commercial office clean is taking place during business hours our team will be as unobtrusive as possible to ensure noise is kept to a minimum. We also use environmentally friendly products during the commercial office clean ensuring that your employees do not have to contend with strong smells or harsh chemicals whilst working.

Our cleaning teams receive regular training guaranteeing that our methods are always safe and the most up to date in the industry. Having a spotlessly clean office environment shows your employees and clients that you care.

Please give us a call on: 0333 577 8899 (Local rates apply)